Insurable earnings for independent operators in construction

If you are an independent operator in construction, your insurable earnings are based on the labour portion shown in paperwork like invoices and contracts.

The total of your labour portion (up to $88,000 in 2016) is multiplied by the premium rate assigned to the type of work you do. This will give you your total premium payable for the year. You should then divide that total by the number of times you are required to report every year and that is what you report for that period.

If your actual earnings turn out to be different than the amount you reported, please let the WSIB know. Changes can be made as many times as necessary throughout the year.

Please note: When the time comes for you to report and submit your premiums, you will receive a form regarding your premiums.

If you know what rate group you’re in, try the insurable earnings and premium estimator for the construction industry. It will help you estimate your insurable earnings and premium amounts for your construction business.

If you don’t know which rate group you are in, you can use the WSIB’s Employer Classification Manual to find out.

How Often do You Need to Report on your Insurable Earnings and Pay your Premiums?

Annual Insurable Earnings

Report and Pay

WSIB Mailing Date to Employer

Employer Due Date

$300,000+ Monthly Middle of each month End of following month
$20,000 to $299,999 Quarterly Middle of March, June, September and December End of following month
Less than $20,000 Yearly Middle of March April 30

What do You Need to do to Report your Insurable Earnings and Pay your Premiums?

You need to:

Please note: Forms and payments not received by the due date are considered late and are subject to non-compliance charges.

How do You Send in your Remittance Form?

You have a few options for submitting your remittance form. You can:

  • Mail it in.
  • Use our online ePremium service.
  • Report by phone by calling us Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at 416-344-1000 or 1-800-387-0750 (TTY 1-800-387-0050).
  • Deliver it in person at any of our offices.

What Payment Methods can you Use?

You can pay your premiums in several different ways:

  • Use our ePayment option to pay by MasterCard or Interac Online.
  • Pay through your bank or financial institution.
  • Visit your local WSIB office to pay by debit card or drop off a cheque (please note that the WSIB does not accept cash payments).
  • Mail the bottom part of your Premium Remittance Form with your cheque to the address on the remittance form stub. You can use the pre-addressed envelope that comes with your form.